SIX Partners Program

SIX Partners Program aims to help partners grow their business on SIX Ecosystem by providing knowledge, resources, platforms, SIX Token and SIX Rewards.

How this program will benefits partners

  • Easy onboard: Led by SIX trainers and experts, training modules are short, frictionless, and designed to help you scale your business and address your key business challenges.
  • Grow together: We’ll connect you to SIX Experts, industry leaders, and specialists in product innovation, business growth, and data analysis.
  • Access to SIX Platforms & Resources: You’ll be part of SIX Partners program designed to grow their business together with us. SIX Partners will provide year-round direct technical support, also free tools and services from premier partners.
  • Access to a Network of Opportunities: Not only will you gain the opportunity to connect with regional VCs and investors at the end of the program, we’ll also introduce you to potential partners and investors through SIX and SIX-sponsored events.

What partners can expect

  • Official SIX Wallets Integration: Partner’s services (Partner’s token if has) will be list and can be accessed directly on SIX Wallets.
  • Official SIX Platforms Integration: Partners will get exclusive and early access to SIX Platforms so you can be the first to the market.
  • In-Person Assist: Partners will get the assistance with SIX Technicians and SIX Experts to ensure the frictionless onboard in every aspect.
  • Opportunities to Connect : Meetup with local partners and participate in conferences & industry events during the training sprints.
  • Monthly Check-Ins : SIX Experts will do monthly virtual check-ins to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • Full support Tokenomics via SIX Ecosystem : SIX Experts will ensure that your services/business model goes along with Tokenomics and provide liquidity SIX Ecosystem.

What does an ecosystem look like

  • SIX : Will provide platforms, markets, fund, mentor and other required resources for SIX Partners.
  • SIX Partners : Will provide services for creators/producers and consumers.
  • SIX Partners Program : Will provide cross-promotion for SIX Partners.
  • Creators/Producers : Will create contents on SIX Platforms by using provided SIX Partners services.
  • Consumers : Will pay through SIX Wallets then consume contents or services that provided by SIX Partners.
  • SIX Wallets : Will provide Consumers an ability to pay Creators for contents and services.
  • SIXr : Will provide Consumers an ability to use SIX Rewards with SIX Partners services and products.

SIX Partners Program Timeline

  • Public announcement of selected Partners
  • Program Kick-off (1 week)
    • Welcome meetup with SIX Partners team for an overview
    • Meetup with SIX Experts to understand SIX Ecosystem
    • Connect with related SIX Partners to make a cross-promotion deals
    • Ensure business plan to match SIX Ecosystem
    • Summarize plan and define milestone
  • Welcome to SIX Platforms (1 month)
    • Getting to know SIX Platforms
    • Onboard training with SIX Wallets
    • Hands-on SIX API and try examples
    • Support partners for integrating SIX API
    • Internal pilot test on SIX Testnet
    • Gathering bugs report and feedback
    • Fix bugs and improve from feedback
  • MVP milestone (1 month)
    • Internal pilot test on SIX Mainnet (SIX will provide 100 of funded accounts)
    • Gathering bugs report and feedback
    • Fix bugs and improve from feedback
  • Production milestone (1 month)
    • Public launch on SIX Mainnet (SIX will provide 10,000 of funded accounts)
    • Gathering bugs report and feedback
    • Fix bugs and improve from feedback
  • Retrospective Day
    • Development
    • Integration
    • Business Model
    • Security
    • Latency
    • Feedback
    • Define the next development milestone