FINIX long-term staking features

What is vFINIX

‌vFINIX stands for voting FINIX, it is the privilege token issue by Definix. The objective of vFINIX is to increase the utility of FINIX for all the users across the platform by providing the privilege to its holder and makes Definix become a true decentralized protocol.

How to obtain vFINIX‌

‌The vFINIX token can be obtained by staking FINIX to vFINIX special staking pool that requires the users to lock their FINIX in order to obtain vFINIX. The amount of vFINIX obtained will be determined on FINIX staking period, the longer the user stake the more vFINIX they received.‌

Staking Period, vFINIX Received, and Minimum Stake Amount

‌The staking period provided is 90 days, 180 days, 365 days. The longer period and more FINIX staked, the more vFINIX obtained. Please find the table about staking period, multiplier, and minimum stake below:
Staking Period
vFINIX Received
Minimum Stake
1,000 FINIX
10,000 FINIX
30,000 FINIX
Eg. Users who possess less than 10,000 FINIX are only allowed to stake a 90 days period and obtain vFINIX with the same amount they are staking only. In case that the users want to earn more vFINIX by using a multiplier, the users will be required to stake more FINIX at 10,000 and a longer period at 180 days to earn 4X vFINIX multiplier.

Withdrawal Penalty

‌The withdrawal occurs before the stake period ends and will be penalized 20%. Users are not allowed to unstake vFINIX partially, only the full amount of staked is permitted.

Utility of vFINIX

Decentralized Voting System

‌The holder will be a part of the ecosystem of Definix. They earn the right to vote for ecosystem fee distribution when they stake vFINIX in the voting pool. vFINIX represents voting power for its holder.​

Liquidity Providing Fee Voting

‌The holder can vote for the pool that they prefer to get a liquidity provider fee. When the users vote for the pool, vFINIX will be locked in the voting pool in exchange the users will obtain LP for this activity. The users can boost the voting power by increasing the lock period of the vote to earn more. As a result, the holder can enjoy earning extra rewards from his/her vote power.‌

Ecosystem Voting

The voting power of vFINIX plays a major role to navigate the ecosystem direction. vFINIX involves a voting function for further features coming in the future in the ecosystem. The vFINIX will be involved with decentralized voting in platforms including FINIX emission rate, allocation adjustment, pair selection, asset selection for rebalancing farms, and etc.‌

Rebalancing Farm Privilege

‌The Rebalancing Farm performance is quite outstanding in the market status quo. Moreover, the Rebalancing Farm also performs better than normal farms because it reduces the risk of investment when the market goes unexpectedly.‌
We designed vFINIX to accommodate the investment in the current Rebalancing Farm and the new version to be released. The holder can invest in vRebalancing Farm with the privilege discount when they hold vFINIX. vFINIX can help the users to discount the fee collected by Definix and invest with less friction.‌

Reward from Pot

‌vFINIX holders will receive an extra fee from Reward Pot. The Reward Pot is the extra reward pool that every participant has a chance to win based on the number of assets they staked. The price pot will be equivalent to the value of the total asset staked. vFINIX holders are able to select partial of this fee.‌

Exclusive Partnership Service

‌Definix is currently developing a lot of exclusive partnerships with many DeFi developers such as Loremborad (portfolio management), D’cent (hardware, software wallet), Klaytn, and etc. With those partnerships, we are trying to expand the use of vFINIX for their services.