SIX Protocol

Core Structures

SIX Protocol Toolkits for business

SIX Protocol - Chain

SIX Protocol Chain is the essential part of the protocol, driven by the Proof of Stake Authority consensus mechanism. The protocol is operated by a group of verified businesses and validator nodes.
SIX Network’s public blockchain network is mainly built as the potential blockchain network for processing transactions and validating the validity of the data across the chain. The chain requires $SIX as a gas fee.
SIX tokens: Initiate with the beginning of endorsement for multi-chain level. With this, the decentralized bridge is the variable to focus on bringing chains closer to ERC-20, Polygon, AVAX, etc.

SIX Token - The fuel of the SIX Protocol

SIX tokens are a cryptocurrency of the SIX Network that plays an important role. SIX is used for spending as a transactional fee, governing the system, and redeeming the services on the SIX Protocol and have a total supply of 1 billion. It will also have a staking system in which users can earn SIX tokens by providing liquidity or participating in other supportive activities. Our goal is to increase the adoption and use of our products while also providing benefits and incentives to token holders Our Tokenomics model aims to benefit all stakeholders involved. It includes the SIX Protocol as infrastructure, while the NFT Creator Studio allows businesses to utilize NFT Gen 2 through the use of SIX tokens as gas fee. Our DeFi platform, Definix, is another products. Additionally, we have plans to release further products that will expand the use cases for SIX tokens within the ecosystem.

SIX Protocol Services

SIX Protocol services will be a channel to communicate between the application and the SIX Protocol Chain. There will be a collection of services that can easily help developers integrate their applications to the SIX Protocol.
SIX Protocol services are developed for various industries. Whether the business is e-commerce protocol, business protocol, or GameFi will be provided and handled through a customizable project. Even if a project's task is converting points into an on-chain token or converting your off-chain digital assets to NFT assets for Metaverse, SIX Protocol services will be helpful toolkits for that business.
Off-Chain to On-Chain Asset Converter: Innovation that can provide practical toolkits from SIX Protocol for businesses in various industries to create or migrate various digital or tangible assets onto the blockchain, either by issuing tokens or creating NFTs.

Token Autonomy Management

SIX protocol provides Token Autonomy Management System for businesses to ensure that the key is secure in the right place with the proper autonomy when used.
The Token Autonomy Management System simply allows business enterprises to secure their private key. The system encrypts and stores the private key on the SIX protocol, in which enterprises can access their private key anytime through the integration of consensus node verification and multi-signature technology. In addition, enterprises can ensure that their private key is secured in the blockchain.

Web 3.0 Integration

Prepare for the full-fledged decentralized world in the Web3.0 era via connection to the blockchain system and decentralized wallets.

Build-in token bridge

Utilize the SIX protocol as a new core engine for the bridge from the collateral bridge to decentralized bridges. The migrated bridge will be the SIX node property to help verify bridge transactions. The success transaction fee will be distributed to node subscribers as a reward.

Wallet Connect

Unleashed the potential of your services with decentralized wallets. SIX protocol allows a web application to connect with a blockchain network via a decentralized wallet.

Decentralized Oracle

SIX Protocol allows an application to call and receive data from off-chain and on-chain via decentralized oracle service. The decentralized oracle services enable applications to use data from all decentralized sources and create fairness in usage.

Business Tokenization

Bringing businesses to the blockchain by converting off-chain to on-chain digital assets.
SIX protocol allows the enterprise to issue its own token to the destination chain. The enterprise can mint its own token via the SIX protocol, including cryptocurrency and NFT. The token issued by the SIX protocol has a unique property of cross-chain utility, which means the token itself will be supported the cross-chain function.
SIX protocols also allow businesses to unlock the potential of blockchain technology by integrating off-chain technology with blockchain. The company can maximize its use cases with blockchain technology to improve the security of its users' credentials. The business partner can create their private blockchain under the SIX protocol infrastructures to secure their users' data, assets, transactions, etc.